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Co-curricular activities are activator of learning by stimulating creative thought of students, it improve social and organizational skills of students, develop their interests and talents by offering them the chance to do something they really enjoy.

CCA Activities of school is implemented by Department of CCA which is headed by CCA I/C along with other teacher associates. The students are divided into four ‘Houses’ viz ‘Dayanand House’,’Aurovindo House’,’Vivekanand House’ and ‘Shradhanand House’. Each house is headed by Hourse Master/Mistress along with other teacher associates who deeply monitor the interest of student and nurture their talent.
Department of CCA
  • Mrs. Vinita Sinha I/C 
  • Mrs. Nidhi Pallavi 
Houses & House Master/Mistress 
  • Dayanand House:-
  • Aurovindo House:-
  • Vivekanand House:-
  • Shradhanand House:-

School Almanac for Session 2023-2024 can be downloaded from here.

S.No Event Details Name Father's Name Adm no Class House Rank
2022-06-25 Painting(Class-LKG) Ayansh Singh Nishant Piyush 14789 LKG Dayanand First
2022-06-25 Painting(Class-LKG) Aditi Kumari Ravi Shankar Kashyap 14790 LKG Shradhanand Second
2022-06-25 Painting(Class-LKG) Durga Kumari Bada Babu 14749 LKG Shradhanand Third
2022-06-25 Painting(Class-UKG) Akriti Singh Vivekanand Singh 14658 UKG Dayanand First
2022-06-25 Painting(Class-UKG) Adarsh Kumar Ajay Kumar 14370 UKG Shradhanand First
2022-06-25 Painting(Class-UKG) Lucky Raj Prem Kumar Gupta 14415 UKG VIVEKANAND Second
2022-06-25 Painting(Class-UKG) Ishita Raj Ashok Prasad 14463 UKG Aurobindo Third
2022-06-25 Painting(Class-UKG) Huzaifa Saddiqui Md. Motasim 1465 UKG Dayanand Consolation
2022-06-25 Painting(Class-I) Tanmay Mehra Om Prakash Mehra 14392 IB VIVEKANAND First
2022-06-25 Painting(Class-I) Adarsh Pratap Amresh Pratap 14434 IB Dayanand First
2022-06-25 Painting(Class-I) Sushil Kumar Rakesh Kumar 14331 IB VIVEKANAND Second
2022-06-25 Painting(Class-I) Aditi Kumari Chintu Kumar 14630 IA Dayanand Third
2022-06-25 Painting(Class-II) Saniya Siddiqui Md. Motasim Siddqui 14295 IID VIVEKANAND First
2022-06-25 Painting(Class-II) Anand Sinha Prabhat 14386 IIB Aurobindo Second
2022-06-25 Painting(Class-II) Shashi Kiran Sarju Pawan 14656 IIC Aurobindo Third
2022-06-25 Painting(Class-II) Manash Raj Pawan Kumar 14613 IID Aurobindo Consolation
2022-06-25 Painting(Class-II) Harsh Rajesh Kumar 68 IIC VIVEKANAND Consolation
2022-06-25 Painting(Group-A) Aarna Satyavrat Amit Kumar 12010 VB Dayanand First
2022-06-25 Painting(Group-A) Adarsh Prince Kumar 13245 VC Dayanand First
2022-06-25 Painting(Group-A) Kush Sanjeev Kumar 12940 IVD Aurobindo Second
2022-06-25 Painting(Group-A) Angel Divya Mishra Pankaj Mishra 11724 VA Dayanand Third
2022-06-25 Painting(Group-A) Neerav Bharti Pankaj Kumar Sinha 13658 IVC VIVEKANAND Consolation
2022-06-25 Sketching(Group-A) Shaswat Praneet Dharmendra Kumar 14313 IVE VIVEKANAND First
2022-06-25 Sketching(Group-A) Rounak Kumar Ranjay Sharma 10608 IVA VIVEKANAND Second
2022-06-25 Sketching(Group-A) Aradhaya Sanjeet Kr Paswan 10960 VB VIVEKANAND Third
2022-06-25 Sketching(Group-A) Saksham Mishra Sanjay Kumar Mishra 14458 IVE Aurobindo Consolation
2022-06-25 Craft(Group-A) Ishika Hemant Kumar 12527 VA VIVEKANAND First
2022-06-25 Craft(Group-A) Ayesha Nayak Aswini Kumar Nayak 13670 VA VIVEKANAND Second
2022-06-25 Craft(Group-A) Sakshi Gulshan Mishra 14722 VF VIVEKANAND Third
2022-06-25 Craft(Group-A) Tejus Chandra Niranjan Kumar 14614 IVE Aurobindo Consolation
2022-06-25 Painting(Group-C) Sanjana Kumari Rajeev Ranjan 8058 VIIIB Aurobindo First
2022-06-25 Painting(Group-C) Sagar Sajal Vijay Kumar Sinha 8395 IXE Dayanand Second
2022-06-25 Painting(Group-C) Payal Kumari Vitani Verma 12558 VIIIF VIVEKANAND Third
2022-06-25 Painting(Group-C) Prachi Kumari Jitendra Kumar Singh 8407 VIIIA Shradhanand Third
2022-06-25 Painting(Group-C) Aniket Kumar Ramesh Kumar Sinha 12640 XF Dayanand Consolation
2022-06-25 Painting(Group-C) Arpit Raj Ramdev Prasad 10819 XD Dayanand Consolation
2022-06-25 Sketching(Group-C) Ananya Kumari Nagdeo Kumar 8186 IXD Dayanand First
2022-06-25 Sketching(Group-C) Sudhanshu Raj Vinod Kumar Suman 8409 IXC Dayanand Second
2022-06-25 Sketching(Group-C) Gayatri Somnath Surve Samnath Tanaji Surve   VIIIA Dayanand Third
2022-06-25 Sketching(Group-C) Suraj Kumar Rakesh Kumar 10062 XB Dayanand Consolation
2022-06-25 Craft(Group-C) Yuval Jain Chanchal Jain 9523 VIIIA   First
2022-06-25 Craft(Group-C) Simran Sinha Ankit Kumar 9362 XB Aurobindo Second
2022-06-25 Craft(Group-C) Sarusha  Khushnoodhussain 12003 XB VIVEKANAND Third
2022-06-25 Craft(Group-C) Anjali Kumari Praveen Kuman 12209 IXF Dayanand Consolation
2022-06-25 Painting(Group-B) Kumkum Kumari Satish Kumar 14099 VIIIF Shradhanand First
2022-06-25 Painting(Group-B) Hamzaa Khan Sadat Hussain Khan 13762 VIF Aurobindo Second
2022-06-25 Painting(Group-B) Ananya Priya Surendra Kumar 11724 VIE Shradhanand Second
2022-06-25 Painting(Group-B) Anushka Shankar Ravi Shankar Pandey 13866 VIF Aurobindo Third
2022-06-25 Painting(Group-B) Swadha Shree Manoj Kumar Dwived 10319 VIIB Shradhanand Third
2022-06-25 Painting(Group-B) Pihu Parmar Pankaj Kumar Singh 10144 VIA Shradhanand Consolation
2022-06-25 Sketching(Group-B) Abhinav Kumar Devendra Yadav 8505 VIIA VIVEKANAND First
2022-06-25 Sketching(Group-B) Suryansh Kumar Prem Kumar 13083 VIA VIVEKANAND Second
2022-06-25 Sketching(Group-B) Tripti Priya Dhananjay Kumar 10854 VIA Shradhanand Second
2022-06-25 Sketching(Group-B) Jayant Kumar Raushan Kumar 8604 VIIA VIVEKANAND Third
2022-06-25 Sketching(Group-B) Nancy Nayan Nilesh Kumar 10650 VIC Shradhanand Consolation
2022-06-25 Sketching(Group-B) Shivam Kumar Dharmendra  13879 VIIB Shradhanand Consolation
2022-06-25 Craft(Group-B) Ayushi Kumari   9963 VIIC Dayanand First
2022-06-25 Craft(Group-B) Anjali Kumari Prince Kumar 13246 VIB Dayanand Second
2022-06-25 Craft(Group-B) Sandhya Kumari Barbraj Sharma 14647 VIG Dayanand Third
2022-06-25 Craft(Group-B) Ratan Priya Upendra Gupta 12331 VIE VIVEKANAND Consolation
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