​DAV Public School, C.R, R.C., Gaya
Affiliated School with C.B.S.E, New Delhi - 110055.
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Education is futile if it fails to serve the purpose of real life. Introduction and implementation of continuous and comprehensive evalution by the Ministry of Human Resource Development , Government of India is a pragmatic step towards making education a means of bringing forth the latent potential of the learner through many other activities rather than gathering information by tradational way of teaching-learning process. Hence days are gone where in children were fed with bookish information and assessed purely on the basis of role learning and pen paper test. Keeping in mind this paradigm shift in education I, with the help of my dedicated tachers, budding scientists and artists have endeavoured to make a prelude of this new education system by organising a science and art exhibition in the premises of DAV PUBLIC SCHOOL C.R.R.C,senior wing ,medical unit Gaya.It may be that presentation stands incomplete or in other words there may be a room for improvement but it is prayed to the observer to appreciate the learner and shortcoming if any observer/viewers so that learner may improve in there effort to be made in future. I have no words to express my sincere gratitude to Dr.U.S.PRSAD who inspired me for making this effort at my end.It is highly overwhetning to mention here that he has exhibited his generosity by accepting our invitation and given consent to be the chief guest. I do firmly believe that his presence occasion will be a great source of insprition in our educational expedition. At this juncture, it would be worthwhile to appreciate the zeal and enthusiasm with which our students have involved themselves in preparing models, projects, paintings,etc. It has undoubtedly left an impression that if young minds are iginted in positive direction they can create wonders, History stands as testonomy that everybody not born with silver spoon and intelligent brain but it has been establioshed since the time immemorial that a right targeted effort make towards attainment of goal has never gone in vain .ThusHard work and costant effort to achieve the goal without a single degree of retardation in the spirit of thought process is the key to success.